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Welcome to our Anything on a Clock blog.  I actually started this blog about 4 years ago…. and did Nothing with it.  Over the last few years, many things have changed within Anything on a Clock.  At this time we feel like we now have some content that people would be interested in viewing.

Our initial idea was to put all of the clocks that we ever did in here… so that is what we are going to do.  There won’t be any rhyme or reason for what we are putting up.  Just whatever clock that I would like to share with you that day.  Over the years we have done a vast variety of clocks from personal to business to sport clocks and beyond.  for those of you who purchased clocks from us, don’t worry.  If they are going to be gifts, we will be careful not to put them up on the blog until after the gift is given.

Another thing that we are going to be doing is getting Testimonials from as many people who we made for as possible.  What better place to put them than here.  Over the next several months I will be attempting to contact everyone who I ever made a clock for.  I we made a clock for you in the past, we WILL be in touch with you.

As I said earlier, there has been a lot of changes in the company over the last few years… all of them good.  To keep you up to date, we have added a news tab.  Here we can put keep you informed of any breaking news within our business.

And what good would a blog be without some way to contact us.  We will be giving you as many ways as possible to contact us if you have any questions.

Finally we have a tab to our web site and to our twitter.  A web site is really important to any business and in these days of Social Media, our twitter feed will keep you up to date with everything that we are doing… along with a bunch of other fun stuff.  We may be putting the Facebook feed up here too.  Just not to sure as to when yet.  Please be aware that if you click on the Twitter or Web Site tabs, this will navigate you away from the blog.  That is why I put them at the end of the tabs.

Please enjoy the blog and let me know what you think of it.

Keven McTaggart


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